Scope of Research
Orientation control of nano- and micro-scale particles, fibers, crystals, etc. is of great importance in various areas of science and technology. We make use of diamagnetic anisotropy of micro particles to align them and to improve their physical, chemical, and biological properties. Microcrystals, including organic, inorganic, biological, and polymeric microcrystals, can align three-dimensionally in a non-uniformly rotating magnetic field to yield magnetically oriented microcrystal array (MOMA) in which microcrystals are three-dimensionally aligned in a solid matrix. MOMAs exhibit X-ray and neutron diffraction images equivalent to those obtained from a real single crystal. Therefore, MOMA technique can be a third diffraction method coming after single crystal and powder diffraction methods.

Movie1: Magnetic alignment of mechanical pencil leads
Movie2: Magnetic alignment of short nylon fibers (fishing line)

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